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About The Moon And Your Menstrual Cycle...

Since it's about to be Halloween and on the spooky side, also a Blue Moon, we thought it was a great time to discuss moon syncing. 

It has long been thought, and told under the light of a full moon, that menstrual cycles are linked to the moon - that ovulation occurs around the full moon and that your period arrives with the new moon. It's a pretty cool thought, especially since the moon really does play a part on the behaviour of many animals, but - according to a lot of research, it's simply the length of the lunar moon that is the same as the menstrual cycle, and that's it. 

From Science Focus magazine:

"One frequently cited study, published in the American Journal Of Obstetrics And Gynecology in 1980, found some evidence of synchronisation, but the effect was very weak. Of the sample of 312 women, 244 had cycles that were longer than 29 days or shorter than 27, and only 70 per cent of the rest actually started their period within two weeks of the full Moon."

Period tracking app Clue also did an impressive myth-busting study on this one, analysing 7.5 million cycles and finding no correlation between the lunar phases and the menstrual cycle or period start date.

"The global average menstrual cycle length is 29 days and the lunar cycle lasts 29.5 days (though it’s normal to have menstrual cycle lengths between 24 and 38 days). Statistically speaking, assuming that periods start at random times, about 1 in 2 people will have their period start ±3 days from either the full or new moon."

There's a lot of research out there around this, and Clue's article dives deep but here's where we think it gets interesting. 

The article briefly raises the idea that moonlight, particularly in the absence of artificial light, might have an impact on some of our biological processes. Light plays a huge role in how our bodies function - so this is possible. 

For example, people who work night shifts are more likely to have irregular periods, possibly due in some part to light exposure. Also there are now studies on mimicking light patterns and the positive affects on the body, and menstruation. 

So maybe there is more to this, maybe there simply is not. We think it's busted but we do like the idea...

Also, we're still very obsessed with the moon and all of it's powers, and if you're a moon syncer then please hit us up at

This Halloween it's also a great time to see Mars! In case you felt like some space knowledge. And here's a video in case you feel like some more moony facts. 

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