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Tsuno for the Workplace

Tsuno imagines a world where every bathroom is stocked with toilet paper, soap and period products and people can bleed with ease of access to the products that suit them best. One of the best places this goal can be realised is in our workplaces, no matter how big or small. Help build an understanding and supportive culture in your workplace by offering period products in your restrooms. The flow on effects of offering menstrual supplies in restrooms touch several levels:


Offering tampons and pads in restrooms makes maintaining an individual's hygiene at work an equal reality.


Employees and guests that experience an unexpected start to their period are not forced to leave to purchase supplies, suffer improvising with other materials or asking around for urgent help. People can self manage, and business can continue as usual.


Your business can help break the perpetuation of period stigma by offering supplies. It acknowledges that periods are normal, healthy and part of life.

91% of responders started their period unexpectedly while at work without the supplies they needed.

– Flow On Survey 2019

63% of responders immediately left work to purchase supplies.

– Flow On Survey 2019

Almost all responders reported experiencing stress, anxiety or annoyance when this happened.

– Flow On Survey 2019

Why choose Tsuno for your workplace?

Support those around you.

Stocking Tsuno products at your workplace is an important sign of support and can make a big difference to those who are bleeding around you.  Not only will your workforce be helping those who menstruate at work, but your workplace will be demonstrating how easy (and important!) it is to make ethical choices in everyday life.

Help send girls to school.

Tsuno is a social enterprise, which means your actions transcend the office with 50% of our profits going to charities focused on empowering girls with education and menstrual support. We currently are in partnership with One Girl, a not for profit supporting girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda with access to education.  We also regularly donate our products locally to women experiencing homelessness or seeking asylum. 

Care for the environment.

Not only will you be contributing to an important social cause, you are also choosing to support an alternative that prioritises reducing plastic and championing organic farming. Our pads are made using natural bamboo and our tampons are made with organic cotton, they are all packaged in recyclable, FSC certified cardboard boxes. 

"Partnering with Tsuno helps One Girl to further our impact and enable girls and women to create positive changes for themselves, their families and their community. By supporting Tsuno, you are helping break down the barriers a girl faces in accessing quality education."

– Eva Foreman, Fundraising Director- One Girl.