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Everyone deserves to visit a doctor that makes them feel safe and supported. Seeing a brand new doctor might make you feel anxious, sometimes they might not be supportive of you, comment on your weight (despite being there for a cold), make judgements on your sex life or maybe you two just aren’t a good fit for any number of reasons.

This map has been specifically designed to help you find a doctor who will help you feel safe when discussing period health or cervical screenings.

Period Health
In terms of period health, this could be for (but not limited to): period pain, heavy bleeding, contraception for period management, specific health concerns such as PCOS, endometriosis or adenomyosis. 

Cervical Screenings
For cervical screenings, these doctors have been recommended for performing a safe and comfortable cervical screening (previously known as a pap smear) without judgement.

Each doctor has been personally recommended by someone from the Tsuno or Get Papped community. They’ve made the person who recommended them feel safe, listened to and supported. If you would like to recommend a practitioner, please fill out this form and we will add them to the directory. And thank you in advance for helping grow our directory!



Not every doctor is going to be a perfect match, but we wanted to help you find a doctor that might be, by creating a practitioner directory to point you in the right direction.

When someone who visits a practitioner is from the LGBTQIA+ community, is a PoC, is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, culturally or linguistically diverse, searching for gender affirming care, is plus size, has a disability or is a sex worker, and has chosen to share this information, we have listed this specifically.