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Meet our Featured Designer Amber Vittoria

Meet our Featured Designer Amber Vittoria

We are so proud this month to launch our box collab with New York City artist Amber Vittoria. Along with being the creator of some of our favourite artwork out there Amber is a Forbes under 30 artist, a Gucci (just to name one of the many) collaborator and the owner of one of our favourite Instagram bios "dismantling social tropes set upon women" 

Roz first came across Amber's work many moons ago on Instagram and was inspired by her fluid, bold and colourful figures. She has been dreaming of working with her ever since.

Her regular pads design is available to purchase now here, but before you stock up, get to know a bit about Amber and her 2020.

We have admired and been drawn to your approach to "dismantle societal tropes set upon women." Can you tell us a bit about how you started and why you love being a female artist?
Gender is a social construct that has created so many barriers for people to live as their true selves. Identifying as a woman myself, the goal of my work is to dismantle tropes that are societally set upon us. It aims to showcase the more relatable aspects of being a woman, aspects that have traditionally been frowned upon. My aim is that the viewer can relate to the figure depicted within my pieces, that they see a glimpse of themselves represented within my work.

Not to sound like a bad date but what's your favourite colour?
It changes daily, but today it is cerulean!

You have collab'd with some killer brands and people - highlight? *coughTsuno*
Our collaboration is one of my favourites, as normalising menstruation is important, and if my work can help contribute to this necessary endeavour, the feeling is so fulfilling.

This year has been a doozy. Has your approach to art or how you work changed at all?
I'm caring a bit less about the thoughts of others in regards to my work; it has been incredibly freeing!

Period related question incoming. How do you show yourself kindness during your period?
I let myself flow with the changing emotions as my hormone balance shifts. There is no shame in having a period and the symptoms that come with it.

We couldn't decide which of Amber's work to feature so we asked her to share three of her favourites....

You Gotta Take Care of Yourself
Fresh Face Filter
I'm Manifesting Over Here
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