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We donate 50% of our profits to funding girls education and menstrual health support.

Why Girls Education?

The motivation for creating Tsuno was not only to create a great period product brand, but also to generate funds to direct towards educating women and girls living in poverty. 

The empowerment of women in the form of the education of girls in the developing world holds among the greatest hopes as a driver of the eradication of extreme poverty; pulling close to a billion people from extreme hunger, lack of health care, gender inequality and vulnerability to environmental fragility on to the first rung of development, allowing for the greatest means of social mobility. 

Proudly Supporting One Girl

Tsuno is proud to support One Girl, a non-profit organisation that harnesses the power of education to drive change for girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda. Education is the key to eliminating gender inequality, to reducing poverty, and to creating a sustainable planet.

Right now 130 million girls around the world aren’t in school, simply because they were born a girl. But we’re working to change that.

One Girl believes that EVERY girl has the right to an education, no matter where she’s born, how much her parents earn, what her culture says, or what religion she adheres to. Every girl has the right to grow, learn, and be the best she can be.

Together with One Girl, we’re changing the world, one girl at a time.

One Girl

Video from One Girls visit to Sierra Leone in 2019.

One Girl

Video from One Girls visit to Sierra Leone in 2019.