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Pre-laparoscopy Tips & Things to Buy with Leesa Meeling

Pre-laparoscopy Tips & Things to Buy with Leesa Meeling

When Leesa put together a list of tips, including things to buy, for a friend mentally preparing for laparoscopy surgery (while she herself lay in the first bit of the London spring sun recovering from her own laparoscopy) we knew it had to be shared. Leesa is a friend of Tsuno girl Kitty's, and knows the anxiety involved in the lead-up to surgery. Post-surgery, these are the things she thought might be handy and we thank her for quite the list!
  • Comfy natural pads (we sell them ;)) Panadol, ibuprofen 
  • Size up comfy undies. You will have a big belly for a week or so. Mines still a bit bloated and it’s a week tomorrow, so have a couple pairs. And crop top/wire free bra for hospital.
  • Comfy loose pants and tops/tunics/sleepwear. Nothing that’s right on the belly button, better to go slightly above it! Soft dressing gown.. sounds silly but it’s so nice to have a few things that you can snuggle down in! 
  • A long heat pack you can drape on your shoulders or chest. That’s where the gas they used to inflate you goes. And sleep slightly upright for a day or two. If you lay down, the gas will go more to your belly and you don’t want that. It sucks!
  • I bought these cool pain patch stickers that feel tingly and good for the pain...not sure if they’re stocked in Australia but they were called BeYou Monthly Patches
  • Have Degas, stool softeners & laxatives on hand. I took the trio numerous times. TMI but it took me 3.5 days to poop and it wasn’t nice - added bloating which makes an already sore, bloated belly worse but was an effort. 
  • Slip on shoes. My loafers have been my best friend!
  • Mint and / or Ginger tea. I drank so much tea!
  • On that, hydrate! Drink more water than usual the day before and after. The anaesthetic dehydrates you.
  • If they don’t find anything, yay, less pain! But not no pain, and the more you do the more noticeable the pain is. I swear I could almost tell you where the polyp was removed from on my uterus from the pain. Today’s been my most active day but also most pain. Also I’ve been getting deeper pelvic pain which I’m not sure is my usual pain but dialled up a bit. Who knows, could be standard issue with the lap but don’t push yourself if your not getting heaps of pain.. cause then you will get the pain!
  • You’ll be tired. Like bone deep tired. For a little while. Again, I underestimate this, even 6 days later.
  • Stock up on some shows / movies. You’ll be doing a whole lot of that between naps.. I bought Disney+ for the month 
  • Ease into walking but it’ll help with the gas from the surgery. Little strolls around the room/house when you’re up to it. Yes from day 1 but you got this!
  • If you can eat normally after, have some plainer things or even comfort food for the first couple days, but still aim for some fibre/protein. Appetite will likely shrink for those first few days. I ate things like half an apple with nut butter, a slice of GF seeded toast with avo, pea & spinach soup, gf mini pita bread with melted cheese inside, porridge with banana on top. Just simple! Eggs if you can stomach them.. I didn’t touch meat or eggs for the first 3 days. Then day 4, scrambo eggs and spinach and mushrooms were on the menu! I’m still not eating my full amount but give me another week.. 
  • Then I’d just say be patient with yourself. I’m not great at that but my husband helps with making sure I don’t overdo it. Enjoy the rest and know that it’s SO worthwhile for your body for recovery.
Last thing I’ll say is write down questions you want to ask your doctors before the surgery! I ended up with 20 questions but it’s about your body. Don’t be afraid to ask before the surgery. After is a tricky one but if they’re really good like mine was, they might call you at home post op. I told her when I was in recovery (off my tits on pain killers) that I wouldn’t remember any of the info she’d given (and didn’t haha) and she offered to call me the next day - on the call I jotted everything down in bed so I wouldn’t forget! Or, ask them to email or write things down for you to take when you leave - and you will likely be home same day :) Lots of love, Leesa. 

Big thank you to the lovely Leesa, who is now fully recovered and trying to get Kitty to to do a 'hardcore HIIT sesh' in the park...
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