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Period Preacher Lucy Peach On Period Sex

Period Preacher Lucy Peach On Period Sex

When we decided we needed to have a conversation about period sex, we knew we wanted it to be with Lucy Peach. This Perth performer and author is actively challenging taboo around menstruation, singing (literally) about the power of the period and empowering menstruators everywhere. We're so thankful to Lucy for taking the time to answer a few questions about period sex, even getting her husband involved for a doodle session. You'll see...

Name the first thing you think of when we say…..Period Sex.

Wonderful, where’s the dark towel?
Tell us what you know about sex during menstruation? Whether a story or cold hard facts. 

For me, sex during my dream phase or bleed time can be a beautiful way to connect, to reconnect with my partner, especially after being pre-menstrual. I call that time, the take phase when I focus more on my own needs and spending time alone. With the surrender and release that comes with bleeding, it can feel like the slate is wiped clean, letting go. Which is a beautiful space to be in with someone you feel supported and safe with. I like the feeling of return to my deep self and to the person I love. If I’m bleeding and feeling supported by my partner to rest more, cook less, be taken care of and treasured, then slow, sensual sex can be amazing. Its also a time in the cycle when I feel most in my body, which also helps to create more pleasure that I can be deeply present to.

Of course always listen to your body and follow your intuition. Sometimes all I want to make love to while I’m bleeding is a hot water bottle, or my own hand. Fundamentally I think period sex is just normal, can be great for pain relief, deep connection l and I could not abide a partner who disagreed. At least I don’t think I would, I’ve never actually met anyone who had an issue with it.

If you were to write a song about Period Sex what would it be called? 
Feed me, Brush my Hair and Kiss my Neck
We loved your Powerpoint from your Perth TED talk, is there any way we could request a period sex original diagram to go with this interview? Are we correct in saying these masterpieces are by your husband? 
Here it is! Prints not currently available sorry ;)


If you haven't read Lucy's book we highly recommend you do - where you can learn how to plan your month to suit your mood and your body. There's also some catching up to do on TED TALKS here and we can't not share this either. As you can see, we're big fans. Thanking Lucy Peach and her husband. We hope you've enjoyed reading her words as much as we did. Period sex....a bloody beautiful thing. 
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