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Honey vs Period Pain With Beekeeper Sam of Honey Fingers

Honey vs Period Pain With Beekeeper Sam of Honey Fingers

How's this for a super sweet blog post - bulk honey could be on your next shopping list! While there are mixed reports both for and against honey as a pain relief substitute, we still wanted to talk to friend of Tsuno, Samantha, about the exceptionally exciting possibility that honey could be more than just straight up delicious. 

We live in a time where conflicting opinions lead to confused humans, who just want to buzz around like bees basically - so we're keeping this one light and easy, getting to know a bit more about Sam while we're at it. 

Sam is a multi-tasking land angel - building and hand painting her own collection of ceramics as well as beekeeping for Melbourne's incredible urban beekeeping network Honey Fingers. Forever exploring the grand work of their fuzzy friends (the bees) this constantly growing and transforming team are jamming the most delicious honey into the cutest jars while also exploring the intersections between farming, food, art and history. 

Before we begin, some quick science behind honey & pain relief: In a 2017 study in the journal Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, researchers discovered that one tablespoon of honey taken two weeks prior to your period is just as effective as taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) during your period to reduce cramp pain. 

Tell us why bees are so special to you, and how you came to be a beekeeper with creative beekeeping studio Honey Fingers? 

Bees are the cutest insects and so vital not only to bringing life and necessary pollination to plants, crops etc but also to my mental health. Since joining Honey Fingers, I have seen a vast improvement in managing my depression, anxiety and mind clutter. Watching the bees buzzing, working, flying, everything each individual member of the hive does is therapeutic and beautiful. 

Samantha Honey Fingers Melbourne
Tell us a 'did you know' bee fact - we know you've got all the facts. 

Ha! Did you know that a bee can not fly unless it's core body temp is at 36 degrees (that of a human). That's why in winter, you'll only see bees flying in the middle of the day when the sun is bright. Seeing a bee immobile because it's too cold to move is so odd.


Ok, onto periods. The honey test was this; Up to two weeks prior try and consume honey regularly and then during your period avoid pain killers and instead add honey to tea, crumpets, cheese, a large spoon and see what happens pain wise and flow wise. Did you see any difference in how you felt (even though honey is quite present in your diet) and was your period any heavier or lighter? (Obviously this is not a scientific study, but interesting nonetheless!)

I already consume quite a bit of honey, so had had it two weeks prior but then did my best to consume honey every time I felt a cramp and I feel it did make a difference in reducing the pain / time I was cramping..whether it was my minds reaction to the theory it was meant to help ease my cramps or whether it actually did, i'm not sure. BUT it was interesting to do anyway. My period was shorter this time too which i'm also unsure if the honey attributes to.

Honey Fingers Melbourne
4. You're quite the poet. Would you be able to write a few lines about honey & periods? 

Sticky mess...
and sticky Life
Your ceramics are a dream, how is maker life going and which vessel do you think would be the perfect tampon holder? 

THANK YOU! It's going beyond well. I still have to pinch myself sometimes from disbelief people love my work and want them. 

I think one of my little cups / bowls would hold these the best! Or a small bowl if i wanted pads in a pretty spot.

Ceramics and Tampons

Thanking Sam for her time and wonderful words. Very interesting that her period was shorter in length, there are actually also articles around regulating your cycle by adding honey to your diet too. Obviously we are not saying to replace a healthy diet with loads of honey or to give up on pain killers if you need them - this is just (*pun incoming*) bee-ond intriguing, and we would love to hear from anyone who has a go! 

Follow Sam aka @thesodafountain here to enquire about her ceramics and enjoy her life as a cat mum, and check out @honeyfingers here for sweet, sweet content always.  
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