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June: Blushstroke

Posted by Natasha Zeng on

June: Blushstroke
June Monthly Gift: Mini-moon artwork by Blushstroke
For the month of June we are giving away an amazing mini-moon canvas artwork made by Victorian artist, Blushstroke. 
Merrie is the creative mind behind Blushstroke, working as a primary school teacher by day and producing art works by night.  
As a passionate environmentalist, Merrie only uses non-toxic, animal friendly materials. She also makes sure to only follow studio practices that are low impact. Through her artwork, Merrie is devoted to spreading awareness, empowering women and consumers to make ethical choices. 
If you are interested in a Blushstroke artwork of your own, get in touch with Merrie via Instagram or Facebook. She loves to chat and get to know her clients to help them decide on what style, palette and size of artwork is right for them.

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