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May: Aacute

May: Aacute

May Monthly Gift: 2 pairs of Aacute earrings

This month we have 2 pairs of earrings to give away courtesy of Melbourne based brand, Aacute, who are the creators of structurally considered geometric jewellery, as well as boasting the sweetest array of wood wick candles.

Citing the dynamic and vivid Melbourne community as an influence, Aacute are shaped by the dichotomy between detail and imperfection. 

Naturally, from these influences, Aacute create items that are unparalleled. With a commitment to their respective designs, Aacute also draw on a love for the process which makes each piece unique and inimitable. 

Uninspired by the mass market, Aacute are guided instead by their community. Every piece is made with an enjoyment and appreciation of creativity, and a pledge to the ethos of slow and sustainable.

Like Tsuno, Aacute appreciate the importance of small businesses backed by a meaningful philosophy and compelling story.


For more info and to shop Aacute, click here.

Every month Tsuno gives you the chance to win amazing gifts from amazing local designers. To enter, buy some pads here and share a picture on Instagram- remember to tag us @_tsuno_ and use the hashtag #tsunomonthlygift

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