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Should employers provide pads and tampons in the workplace?

Should employers provide pads and tampons in the workplace?

Is it a legal requirement to provide period products in the workplace?

There is no legal imperative in any of the Australian states, territories, or the Commonwealth at large...yet.

But the ACT Government is providing free menstrual products in public places, and many state governments are already providing them freely in public schools across the country.

The Government of Canada have pioneered requirements for employers to provide menstrual products. We believe it's only a matter of time before Canada's example proves the catalyst for other high-income countries (like Australia) to follow suit.

Menstruation and menopause till now haven't received the same attention in international law regarding gender equity that childbirth and pregnancy has as a barrier to the right to work. However, a growing campaign for menstrual leave as a worker's right is gaining momentum, with an announcement in April 2024 that public sector workers in Victoria will soon get access to 5 days of reproductive leave a year, to assist those dealing with period pain, menopause, perimenopause and IVF treatments.

What if your business wants to extend its goodwill a step further toward period equity?

Businesses could even take a step beyond Fair Work's National Employment Standards and offer period leave. Other options include increased flexibility, inviting employees to plan around their periods. This could mean allowing flexibility around breaks rather than paid leave. Even the gesture of a contract offering a handful of extra days a year of period leave could incentivise the best talent to enter employment of a business.

Your business can also claim a tax deduction in the form of donating a Tsuno box to someone experiencing period poverty to one of the four Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) listed charities we support.

If your business, decides to offer period products to staff, check out Tsuno's options for the workplace, and reach out via email on if you would like a custom quote or have any more questions!

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