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Meet our Featured Illustrator- Lynn Bremner

Meet our Featured Illustrator- Lynn Bremner

Hi Lynn! Please tell us a little about who you are and what you do? 
Hello! My name is Lynn Bremner, I'm an illustrator based in Melbourne but am originally from Scotland. I'd say my style is bold, vibrant and fun! I really aim to spread joy and positivity within my work and hopefully brighten someone's day. I like to keep busy with lots of different projects and have worked on packaging, murals, book covers, posters, editorial illustrations and more! Recently I've been getting really into animation which is super fun! 
Could you share the story behind your wonderful Tsuno artwork on our Regular Pads?
I wanted to do something really bright and cheerful so I chose to create a pattern showing lots of different types of fruit, who doesn't love fruit! Roz suggested we cut some of the fruits in half and show some subtle vulva-like qualities and I was like YES LET'S DO THAT! The result is a cheeky and fun design bursting with colour!
I often walk past one of your beautiful murals in my suburb and was thrilled to see your work so boldly featured in the Fitzroy Aldi store recently, could you share a few of your favourite projects or personal artworks with us?
Thank you! That was definitely my biggest project to date and was just so surreal to do my shopping surrounded by my illustrations on the walls, a very cool moment! I have been so lucky the past couple of years to work on some super exciting projects. Another one of my favourites was creating a series of portraits for The Barbican Centre in London to promote their new podcast 'At the Barbs'. This was so fun and I got to play with different perspectives and textures.
Lynn Bremner work for The Barbican Centre
I also illustrated a cookbook written by the legend Alice Zaslavsky titled 'The Joy of Better Cooking'. I am super into cooking so this was an absolute dream come true for me, especially since I already owned a copy of her other incredible book 'In Praise of Veg'. This was another huge project, I think I did around 30 illustrations including the cover and chapter openers, also I got to meet Alice and she is SO COOL! This book is definitely my pride and joy (pun intended)! Here's a few of my fave illos from the book!
I also work with LOJO fest again this year. LOJO is a local festival based in the Lower Johnston Street District of Abbotsford, lot's of venues get involved and it's an awesome day filled with food, art, music, drinks and more! This year I went all out creating designs for their Cowboy/Western themed event. I get a lot of creative freedom here which I love and I also got to do some cute little animations for their socials.
What's your relationship with your period like?
Honestly, a bit of love/hate. I felt a lot of shame growing up and talking about periods was very taboo and just not a done thing in my family - I'm sure I'm not alone there! But as I grow older I find myself being a lot more open, our bodies are pretty incredible and it's fascinating! I was especially proud when in my home country of Scotland introduced free period products for anyone who menstruates, this is such an important step and will help so many people.
Lastly, I will say that I definitely lean into the whole stereotype of eating chocolate in my pajamas while I watch movies and I am not sorry for it haha.
What's been inspiring you this week?
I've been cooking up a storm this week and have been making a bunch of crispy chilli oil as well as getting slightly obsessed with making Neapolitan style pizza lol, next on the menu is homemade bagels nom nom nom.

My partner and I have been trying to go out to gigs way more often so we went to a couple last weekend. One at the Tote and then Daydream festival, I finally got to see Modest Mouse and they were SO GOOD. 

Other than that I've been watching heaps of shows, currently loving Swarm, Beef and you guessed it, Succession. 

You can find more of Lynn's work here and follow her on Instagram here!

Featured Image- Portrait of Lynn Bremner for Campos. Image credit to Campos.
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