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Meet our Featured Illustrator- Lucia Lenders

Meet our Featured Illustrator- Lucia Lenders

Hi Lucia! Please tell us a little about who you are, where you're from and what you do? 

Hi! I am Lucia. After my illustration studies in the Netherlands and Belgium I moved to Rotterdam, where I have been living for about six years now. It is a really vibrant city and was the perfect place for me to start my illustration career. I work from a studio space shared with other designers, which gives me a lot of inspiration and joy, and I am super proud of the clients I got to work with so far. It varies from illustrations for newspapers and magazines to branding and, like for Tsuno, packaging. My goal is to create a relatable, lighthearted, surprising image, even when the subjects are serious or hard. A lot of my projects revolve around human relationships and cultural topics (like food!), and the ones that make a social impact are always extra fulfilling to work on.

Could you share the story behind your wonderful Tsuno artwork on our Panty Liners?

Packaging plays such a big role in how we feel when picking or using a product. Having to use a period product can sometimes be such a hassle, and the Tsuno boxes radiate positive energy and colour. I wanted to create a repeating pattern with characters that look weightless, like they are floating in water or flying through air.


I just love your gorgeous floaty feminine characters, could you share with us some of your favourite artworks or projects in your career thus far?

I get a lot of energy from projects where there is a lot of freedom and trust (like the Tsuno box!) That gives space to experiment and be playful. Here are some of my favourite projects.

The cover illustration for Rotterday, a free city guide to Rotterdam. This was the Spring/Summer edition of 2022, and it is an ode to summer days in the city and Rotterdam's famous architecture. It was so nice to run into the guide all over town.

Fiom is a Dutch centre of expertise in the field of unwanted pregnancies, adoption and lineage. I am very proud I got to work on a series of illustrations for them, together with design studio Kessels Kramer. I think this is a great example of how illustrations can be used to visualise heavy subjects, and hopefully it made some people feel seen and understood.

My first ever book project "This Is Where You Can Find Me", where 14 Rotterdam-based illustrators were asked to create work inspired by an area of the city. My muse was the metro and all its uncomfortable situations.

But maybe my most favourite are quick figure drawings or cutouts I make in between projects, usually inspired by a pose or situation I noticed somewhere.

How do you navigate your creative practice and your menstrual cycle? 

I don't track my cycle or navigate around it consciously. However I do blame every little mood swing or bad day on it, haha. Sometimes that already helps! It is hard but so important to take it easy and be kind to yourself when you are feeling low in energy. I always try to remind myself that more productive and creative days will come around.

What's been inspiring you this week?

I just got back from a trip to Barcelona where I saw the stadiums and swimming pools from the Olympics in 1992, very cool and surreal. Now I am very into video's of gymnastics and diving. Great references for drawing characters and poses and I like the Olympic aesthetics.

I am currently reading the book Breast and Eggs by Mieko Kawakami and love it so far. The story is about three generations of Japanese women who each have their own struggles with their bodies, womanhood and motherhood. It is very honest and well-written.

The album Up and Away by Stella on repeat. I love every song on it. Upbeat but slightly mystic.


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