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Meet our Featured Designer Shuh Lee

Meet our Featured Designer Shuh Lee

The way our collaboration with Shuh Lee came into fruition is emblematic of how supportive the creative community in Melbourne is. Shuh first met Roz at Finders Keepers in 2017 before deciding to work together on the overnight pad box design. Shuh is an incredible multi-disciplinary artist, working with jewellery to illustration, creating window installations as well as bedding and scarves! At the centre of her practice is the belief that art is about sharing and learning from the community around you- we love that. 

Hi there, can you please tell us about yourself and what you create?
My name is Shuh Lee. I am the designer/maker behind the label 'shuh.'. I am always experimenting with colours, fabric and all things crafty. Through my fashion background I developed a love for hand stitching techniques, illustrations and textiles, which became the core of my practice. My work is about playing with a mixture of art and craft, and creating usable, wearable and fun objects for everyday life. Since its beginning, my practice has expanded into jewellery, clothing, ceramics, prints and bedding.
Why is funding girls education (and/or helping to end period shame) important to you?
I studied in an all girls school, both primary and secondary school. At school, I made some of my lifelong friends. The girls’ support and friendship are one of the most important keys to my life. Now we are all doing what we love, and we wouldn’t have achieved this without proper education and support. Through my experience I am extremely passionate about funding girls education.
Now let’s get personal, when did you get your first period, and how was it?
I think I got it around 13/14 years old. I was terrified and embarrassed, wondering why this is happening to me. Luckily with the girls around me, I soon got used to it.

What do you hope that your collaboration with TSUNO will do? 
I hope the collaboration will reach out to new audiences and help raise more awareness about TSUNO, the brand and products! I love that TSUNO pads are made from natural bamboo and individually wrapped in biodegradable sleeves and tampons are certified organic cotton. On top of that, 50% of your profits are donated to charities that mainly focuses on empowering women in education and menstrual support.
Are you a pads or tampon gal? Pads gal.
What do you wish you knew about periods earlier?
That it is nothing to be ashamed or shy about. Instead, it should be celebrated with lots of calming tea, good dark chocolate and rest time. 

shuh lee interview tsuno sanitary pads


Are you a colourful underwear gal or nudes/blacks gal?
What a fun question! Nudes and blacks please. Simple is best! 
Finally, can you hand draw for us your favourite undies or knickers and explain why they are so good?

period underpants - shuh lee

Thank you Shuh, you rock x
Would you like to design a box for us?  Or would you like to be interviewed on this blog?  Or would you just like to say hello?  Hit us up!
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