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Meet our Featured Designer Lori Camarata

Meet our Featured Designer Lori Camarata

Hello! We are lucky to feature the work of Lori Camarata on our latest panty liner packaging.  Lori not only created this cute design, but also kickstarted our relationship with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre when she asked many moons ago whether it’d be ok to send part of her order to them! 
To celebrate the amazing Lori and her generosity, we’ve created a $5 off discount code LORILOVE for orders over $30 AND every time this code is used until Christmas we will donate a box of Tsuno to the ASRC!! Now is a great time to start that subscription!

 Hi there, can you please tell us about yourself and what you create?
My name’s Lori and I’m a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator, my background is in Textile Design and fashion which had been my full time job for a while, but I now have started expanding my practice into freelance illustration, painting and ceramics which is where my focus is at the moment! 

Why is funding girls education (and/or helping to end period shame) important to you?
I have been lucky enough to always have access to education and support which has given me the opportunity for a great quality of life and growth as a person, so I think it’s so important for easy access to education to be available to everyone regardless of gender. Which for me, ties into ending the shame and stigma around periods and the accessibility to period products, which can negatively impact lives and interfere with girls and womxns education, employment and health. 

Now let’s get personal, when did you get your first period, and how was it?
I got my period exactly one month and one day after my 13th birthday, lucky I remember the exact date so I can celebrate my period birthday! It was kind of exciting as I was one of the last girls to get their period in my friendship group. I grew up in a family that was pretty open with talking about periods, and went to an all girls school so was surrounded by a lot of information and felt somewhat prepared for it. 

What do you hope that your collaboration with TSUNO will do?
I hope my collaboration will spread the word about TSUNO and the work they do to more people! I’m also really grateful to be able to contribute to a brand that helps so many people, with donating to places like One Girl and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. 

What do you wish you knew about periods earlier?
I wish I had known that people experience periods differently and that different bodily functions are nothing to be embarrassed about!!

Do you have a period nickname / period pun you use in your house?  
I’m usually not subtle when talking about my period so maybe something like ‘I’m bleeding out of my vagina’ :D
Are you a colourful underwear gal or nudes/blacks gal?
nudes/blacks for sure!

Finally, can you hand draw for us your favourite undies or knickers and explain why they are so good?

Thank you Lori, you are the best x
Would you like to design a box for us?  Or would you like to be interviewed on this blog?  Or would you just like to say hello?  Get in touch!


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