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Meet Our Featured Designer Lisa Hu

Meet Our Featured Designer Lisa Hu

It's challenging to sum Lisa up in a sentence, this period-embracing creative is a multi-tasking sensation. She's a sunny seaside creative, spinning pottery, stretching her limbs often while teaching watercolour and painting florals and other delights. Roz met Lisa at the Finders Keepers market in Brisbane where the two bonded over a mutual passion for girls education and support for Tsuno's partner charity One Girl. They exchanged details (followed each other on social media) and then Roz thought, "It would be great to ask her if she'd like to be one of our featured box artists!" and ta-da here we are. 

We'll start with something light, over heavy ;) Period punning already. How does the sunny seaside of The Gold Coast inspire your creativity?
I am so lucky to call the Gold Coast my home; I was born and raised here and I love it more everyday! It's hard to feel stressed or drained when you're kicking back at the beach with a kombucha in hand. The slow, carefree lifestyle here suits me well and allows creativity to flow! 

It's also becoming much more of a creative hub these days, with so many inspiring emerging creatives and a brand new art gallery coming this year. There are so many hidden little pockets of creativity and cool places to hang out- they just keep popping up! 

Ok a little heavier, how do you overcome a lack of creativity? 

I've never been one to force it, if I don't feel like painting I don't paint. There are so many other ways to be creative, like listening to music, cooking, journalling. I don't believe that you can run out of creativity- the more you create the more creative you will be. I always trust that my ideas will come again, as long as I keep flexing those muscles! 

Do you find you're more productive during certain times of your cycle? 

Definitely! Leading up to my period I find my energy is super depleted, and sitting down to make something seems like a huge drag! I let myself curl up with a good book, or work on something else, knowing that once my period is over I will have much more motivation to create. 

Tell us about your Tsuno design, and tell us your favourite flower while you're at it. 

I'm super happy with how this design came out! I'm a very feminine person so I love floral and delicate patterns with a good colour scheme. Period packaging should be fun and nice to look at, not hidden away like some shameful secret. I feel pretty good about displaying this on my bathroom shelves, not to toot my own horn! As for my favourite flower, it constantly changes but I am loving pansies at the moment! 

What's one thing you hope to achieve this year? 

I'm really hoping to do a lot more pattern design, I have a range of headscarves planned and am even doing some clothing. It's something I've always wanted to do, and I'm determined to make it happen this year! 

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