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Meet our Featured Designer Sophi Miyoko Gullbrants

Meet our Featured Designer Sophi Miyoko Gullbrants

You know those days when you're scrolling through social media, and you click on a link, and then that takes you to another link, and then another? And before you know it you have ended up looking at the portfolio of a very talented North American based artist and then you reach out to that artist and ask if they would be interested in designing something for your little Australian period product social enterprise, and then they say yes and then they deliver the work and you almost fall off your chair because you love it so much? Well, that is the story of how our recent collaboration with Brooklyn based designer Sophi Miyoko Gullbrants came to be. Please read on to learn more, and savour some of their beautiful illustrations.

Clitoris Diagram Illustration by Sophi Gullbrants for Dame Products.

Clitoris Diagram Illustration for Dame Products.

We discovered your work through your employer, sex toy company, Dame Products and fell in love with your style! Tell us a little about what you do for Dame, and how you got into illustration and design.

Thanks so much! I’m now the Senior Designer at Dame and work on everything from product packaging to social graphics to illustrations for our blog Swell. I went to the Rhode Island School of Design for illustration, graduated, and then was meandering through different odd jobs for a while until I landed an internship at Dame. This has been my first full-time job, and it’s truly the place where I’ve grown the most in illustration and design. Because I had to make illustrations for Dame when I first arrived, I was forced to put the fear of making things aside and just draw. That was the greatest push into my career at Dame and beyond.

The Healing Practice of Taking Nudes During Quarantine by Sophi Gullbrants for the Swell blog by Dame Products.

The Healing Practice of Taking Nudes During Quarantine for the Swell blog by Dame Products.

You've collaborated on some amazing projects! Is there a highlight that's made its mark?

Definitely! I’ve mainly been doing editorial illustration for a variety of publications and every commission feels like a dream job. One of my recent favourites was a series of spot illustrations for Medium’s publication Elemental. It was their “Pandemic Winter Health Hacks” and I loved trying my hand at a bunch of different objects and people while retaining the style I’ve come into over the last year. Then the New York Times is one of my favourite recurring clients because their team of art directors is so dedicated to storytelling. I went to school hearing all those AD’s names, and it’s really incredible and surreal to be able to collaborate with them now.

How about your Tsuno collaboration, can you tell us about your design? 

With the Tsuno packaging illustration I was really trying to convey that sense of freedom and relief that comes with having access to products you trust for your body! The lil gals swimming around in that ethereal space can rest easy knowing their Tsuno tampons are natural and sustainable :)

Tsuno Regular Pads

Your Whale Shark illustration captioned 'a self portrait' is so soothing. How do you wind down, and self-sooth? Especially during times in your cycle when things feel a little more chaotic. 

Tea, a lil weed, and a good movie! Lately, I’ve been buying different teas in bulk and found that a mix of mint, lavender, and oatstraw is perfect to wind down. Also, I’ve been trying to sub weed for alcohol since the latter makes my brain a little sad the next day. I’ve found a mix of half CBD flower and half THC flower is really helpful with the pains and woes of my period. And the final ingredient for my self-care-on-your-period recipe: Sound of Metal. The most beautiful film I’ve watched this past year. 

A Self Portrait artwork by Sophi Gullbrants

A Self Portrait- personal work by Sophi.

You've worked on illustration for some wonderful projects around sex and wellness, any app or product recommendations for the Tsuno community to discover? 

Yes! For starters, obviously, Dame’s vibrators. Orgasms release endorphins which are great for soothing cramps. 10/10 would recommend Pom, our flexible vibrator that can envelope your whole vulva. That’s my go to when I’ve got cramps. Also, Rose’s THC and CBD delights infused with single strain flower rosin are incredible. Their company has found this beautiful intersection between sustainable farming, thoughtful design, and weed, and the flavours are absolutely incredible. I could go on and on about it.

Grounding artwork by Sophi Gullbrants

Grounding- personal work by Sophi.

Thanks Sophi! Our Regular Pads featuring Sophi's design is available to purchase here

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