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Meet Our Featured Designer Claire Ritchie

Meet Our Featured Designer Claire Ritchie

Just like her sunflower wall hanging, Claire Ritchie radiates joy and what more do you need when reaching for your overnight pads, than a little joy. We are so excited to welcome Claire to the Tsuno family of designers and couldn't wait to hear more about how she works, and what inspired her Tsuno box work. 

You've bounced from WA to Melbourne and now you're in sunny Brissy? Tell us a bit about your home studio and what you're currently working on. 

My home studio is nestled in my Brisbane backyard, shaded by trees in the morning and after lunch sits in the perfect afternoon light. I get the comment a lot, when on business phone calls, that there are a lot of birds singing in the background, which is true, and a lovely nuisance to have. I have just spent the last month finishing two huge projects that mark a really nice milestone in my career. Soon I will be able to share more details, but for now it's very nice to feel that my creativity and persistence has paid off in this way.

Something I can share with you is an upcoming project called WithSolace, which is a digital gallery event. I'm contributing a piece of my artwork that's so special to me, with all profits supporting ReachOut. In a year that's been so difficult for so many Australians, it feels good to bring awareness to the importance of tending to our mental health and ReachOut is a great resource for that, for so many. 

We're a little biased, but your Tsuno packaging is gorgeous ;) Can you tell us about the collab from your side and any inspo behind the design? 

It's a special piece because I created it while I was living in Melbourne, and I love that it's a reminder of my time there. Roz had marked the artwork as one that she enjoyed and we worked on some new fresh colours to fit the Tsuno feel. Often times I revisit artwork in this way and it's like a rediscovery of this connection and you get to see it through new eyes again. It's part of what I'd call designing sustainably- you don't always need to push out new work for the sake of it if you can see your old work differently.

2020 has been a challenging one for small businesses and the arts and we have loved watching our community rally together to support one another. Has there been a silver lining for you as an artist? 

I feel the disruption to daily life sparked an internal inventory for me, and let me ask questions like am I busying myself with work or am I really enjoying this. Freeing up that busy time has allowed me to create original paintings. This change has opened a new chapter in my life as an artist and that has given me the time and mental space to pick up a brush- and that's so valuable to me. I hope that the freedom I feel can be reflected in my art, as I continue to refine it.

You've collaborated with some amazing people - do you have a highlight or one where you had to pinch yourself?

Definitely a pinch-me moment getting to work with Slowdown Studio. They support artists in a way that feels so natural and uplifting and Marc found me at a time that helped my confidence in my artistry in a huge way. 

So periods. Do you find you are more creative at a certain time in your cycle? 

Before my period my energy is lower and I'm in tune with that and try to rest more. I've learned over the years not to fight that and let it guide the flow of my work. Right after my period I feel really engaged- I can hit the ground running- but more effectively since my energy has been replenished. 

Shop Claire's Overnight Pads right here. As a side note which probably deserves it's own post, this is actually a new product for us! After listening to your feedback at the start of the year, this is one of our changes we are happy to announce. Our older Overnight pads were 290mm long, and have now been given a new name- the Super Pad. These new Overnight Pads featuring Claire's work are longer sitting at 350mm long, and we hope you love them!
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