Share the Dignity Donation

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Headed up by superwoman, Rochelle Courtenay, Share The Dignity provide homeless and at-risk women with sanitary products. No woman should suffer the indignity of choosing between eating and buying sanitary items. Pads donated through the Tsuno site are passed on in bulk to Share the Dignity to distribute to the relevant charities and shelters at the end of each half yearly donation drive. Read more about them here

In August 2015, they had their second national collection drive and received over 150,000 boxes of sanitary products. During their August 2016 campaign, all donations made online via this website will be matched one for one by Tsuno and forwarded onto Share the Dignity on your behalf. By choosing to donate Tsuno, you’re providing a quality, environmentally and socially aware product to those who need it most. Thank you so much. Please note- these product donations are not tax deductible.