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Period Pack

Period Pack is a charity focused on helping homeless and vulnerable women throughout the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. It was founded by Lily, in 2016 when she was in year 9, who organises and facilitates the collection of items such as pads, tampons, oral care products, deodorant and soap. Lily then packs and distributes these to women via local soup kitchens, refuge housing, women's health centres and indigenous community networks. 
When Lily was confronted with the enormity of the number of homeless or vulnerable women without permanent housing, she made it her mission to provide access to safe and clean sanitary and hygiene products. No woman should have to choose between food for themselves and/or their children and the products they need to comfortably manage their period. Lily's goal is to provide women with the means by which to menstruate with dignity, and to do so as environmentally and sustainably consciously as possible. 
All donations are sent directly to Lily who then distributes her packs!