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How to change the items in your Tsuno subscription box

1. Log into your customer portal here.  

2. Click on 'Manage subscriptions'

3. Under the heading 'Subscription orders' your selected products will appear in a table with the quantity, AUD price, frequency, next charge date and the actions to edit or cancel.

4. Clicking 'edit' on a product will direct you to a page where you can change the quantity and frequency as well as your payment method and shipping address.

Make sure that in total there are 5 products along with the 'Tsuno Subscription Box' product and that the 'Next charge' date is the same for all products and the Subscription Box.

If you looking to cancel a product to make room for another, simply click 'cancel'. 

5. If you want to add a new product that is not already listed, simply click the 'Add product' button found below the table. 

6. Clicking 'Add product' will direct you to a page with many options. Make sure you are adding the items with the pink border. 

7. Once you have selected the product you would like to add you will be directed to a page where you can edit the quantity, delivery schedule and next charge date.

Make sure this 'next charge' date coincides with the 'next charge' date of all your other items.

Click 'Add product' once you are ready.

8. After you have changed your subscription, your table should look like the one below where all frequencies and next charge dates are the same and the quantity of items adds up to 5! 


If you are having trouble or have a question, don't hesitate to email us at hello@tsuno.com.au.